Apparel Wholesale And Distribution

We offer business customers full-service custom manufacturing, custom finishing, and more. With years of apparel manufacturing and mature one-stop custom services, if you are a wholesaler or a distributor, you are welcome to do business with us, like inventory purchases.

What Can We Do For Wholesalers

If You Are A Distributor

Bolun Apparel is a leading apparel manufacturer in China, and it has already been active in the clothing market. We have established close, long-term partnerships with some excellent distributors from inner and outer. In terms of our turnover and margin, tell us about your expectations, and we will let you know that we are qualified to set realistic expectations.

We throw ourselves into studying and designing new apparel in order to stay ahead of fashion and market trends. And what’s more, we have a dynamic product portfolio, making it easier to sell the products.

It’s not a problem at all if you come from overseas. China’s clothing manufacturing industry is mature and affordable. With its high quality, lower cost, and fast transportation, many clothing manufacturers or some well-known clothing brands have set up factories in China.

To assist your marketing, we can provide you with high-definition product shots and other related materials in a compact format or as email attachments. If you need it, we can also update your database with the latest products and marketing information.

We are willing to grow with you, as we know that no distributor would like to invest his time and energy into building a brand for which he has no long-term security of sharing in any success.

If necessary, training and FAQs are available to help you launch the products more easily. Feel free to contact us for more information or quotes about distribution.