Custom Apparel Printing with Premium Services

Maybe you are on a journey to discover the most suitable apparel manufacturer in order to get premium screen printing services at reasonable prices to show off your awesome designs. Here you are! Bolun has over a decade of experience in printing—you name it, we can print on it. Pad printing, screen printing, sublimation, offset printing, digital printing, large format printing… We have mastered nearly every printing type imaginable. There are manual and automatic presses in our factory, and what’s more, we keep staying on the cutting edge in this field by updating our facilities and machines.

Silk Screen Printing

Also known as silk-screening or serigraphy. Through applying silk screen printing, the print on fabric is given a pleasingly tactile quality, and the printer can reproduce a design again and again. Equipped with professional equipment, Bolun can create intricate multicolored patterns and, besides, manufacture large batches of custom clothing for sports teams or work uniforms.

Discharge Screen Printing

Bolun has been working with discharge inks for years and provides you with garments with a softer look and feel. It usually finishes with fabrics in a darker color. We see many shirts with a soft print that looks similar to natural cotton’s color; this utilizes discharge printing.

Water Based Screen Printing

It’s suitable for printing a detailed design with muted colors. Through water-based screen printing, we can get a soft and lightweight print that is breathable, durable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly.

Glow In The Dark Printing

If you want, you can have the entire base of the garment or the highlight spots glow to create a really custom look. Glow in the dark is machine washable and durable, which is popular among many clients.

Foil Screen Printing

It’s similar to traditional screen printing but uses adhesive glue ink. Applied to your garments by first printing your design with a special glue, which is one of the hot options for apparel manufacturing. If the garment design is well done, it makes it look vivid, and Bolun believes that your custom garments must surprise you.

Flock Screen Printing

We apply color, adhesive, and many fiber particles onto an apparel surface. In this way, garments are given a fluffy, velour-like, velvety texture. If you want to elevate the feel of the garment, flocking is a nice idea and helps your clothing line stand out.

Puff Screen Printing

It is done by adding an additive to the ink that results in a raised effect on your design during the curing process. Currently, puff screen printing is used to give a retro look to t-shirts, sweatshirts, or jackets. Puff screen printing is beneficial to accentuate your garments.

3D Screen Printing

Although with a little additional puff element, 3D printing leaves sharper and finer edges. Recently, 3D printing has had a moment in the apparel industry. It provides possibilities for a wide range of creativity and fashion.

Crack Screen Printing

It is environment-friendly as it uses water-based, soft, and auto-cracked inks that feel shattered. Crack screen printing is used to give the clothes a vintage look and distinguish your products from ordinary ones.

Dye Sublimation Printing

We know dye sublimation well, enabling us to manufacture premium-design sublimated garments regardless of which fabric is used in the process. Through advanced dye sublimation printing technology, Bolun manufactures apparel that not only looks good but also feels comfortable to wear. Many sports jerseys are manufactured with this printing method, as there are digital designs on them.

Heat Transfer Printing

Decorating fabrics with a heat press is a cost-effective and easy way to attach apparel decorations. It gives various items a unique and personal flair, such as t-shirts, team uniforms, fan wear, bags, etc.

Digital Printing

Directly print the digital-based images onto a variety of media substrates. It leads to an effect that is similar to a sticker being pasted on the garment and is long-lasting, being able to be used to print lifelike images. It is ideal for small batches of products and is cost-effective due to its simplicity and minimal use of equipment.

Direct To Garment Printing

Utilizing technology related to inkjet, DTG is one of the printing techniques that is used for printing directly on apparel based on cotton, like shirts, sweatshirts, and more. This special kind of digital printing makes garments stylish and vivid. Besides that, compared to traditional methods of screen printing, it is considered cleaner, faster, and more economical.

The custom printing list still goes on

The list still goes on, and Bolun Apparel Manufacturer is capable of dealing with any scale of order you can lay on us. Here, the experienced production team will assist you in finding a tailored printing solution—the right one is always better than the expensive one. Contact us to learn more about printing.