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Thanks to factors like more efficient manufacturing, 3-D printing, and ecommerce platforms, customization—the production of hoodies that meet individual tastes—has become increasingly popular. Just like jeans, hoodies have become one of the most identifiable fashion symbols. Many people are experimenting with making custom-designed hoodies, aiming to seize the initiative in the market. If you are looking to expand your clothing brand, win loyal customers, and establish yourself in the fashion industry with hoodies, then you will need a high quality custom hoodie manufacturers you can trust.

custom Cartoon graphic hoodies
custom Cartoon graphic hoodies

As an experienced manufacturer of custom-made hoodies with a professional design team and advanced techniques, Bolun Apparel offers tremendous customization and personalization options to you. Here, you can get the premium custom hoodies, which are highly accurate end products based on your conceptions. With a variety of combinations of colors, materials, and sizes, you can create what you want. We also redefine custom manufacturers’ minimum prices that ensure our clients’ satisfaction, whether it is mass production, private label, or a startup. What’s more, we offer high-class cut and sew services for hoodie customization that include fabric selection, sampling, pattern design, garment development, precision cutting, on-demand production, and quality control. Even though you are not that familiar with custom hoodies, our experienced production teams are at your disposal. In a short time, we will assist you in finding materials, deciding patterns, and putting the hoodies into production. That’s why we are our clients’ preferred choice of custom hoodie manufacturer.

Dedicated To Giving You A Satisfying Custom hoodies Manufacturers Process

Selected Fabric

Cotton, fleece, French terry, jersey knit, stretchy fabric, rayon… We have a huge fabric selection. Depending on how warm you want the hoodie to be—a heavy or lightweight one—our skilled sample makers select the fabric carefully and ensure that it is just how you want it. Our popular, unbrushed fabric is made of ring-spun yarn that is softer to the touch and has a straight fit. The interior is made from an unbrushed loopback that offers the hoodies superior comfort, pill resistance, and warmth, helping you earn more praise from your customers.

Various Custom Options

There are lots of options for you to customize hoodies—you can decide on different colors, designs, accessories, fabrics, and sizes. We are going to try our best to accommodate additional custom needs and styles, including but not limited to full zip-ups, hem seals, ribbed cuffs, pullovers, split pockets, and so on. There is no need to worry about the hoodie patterns. It’s not surprising that the standard XS-XL sizing system is unlikely to fit all; our experienced patternmakers and tailors are good at developing hoodie sizes that allow more body types to fit well.

Private Label Services

Our private label services include custom woven labels, heat transfer printed labels, screen printed labels, satin care labels, sublimation printed labels, private hangtags and so on. When customizing hoodies, woven labels and satin labels are the choices of many customers. The woven label gives hoodies a more elegant touch. And the satin label is a great choice for custom hoodies because of its soft texture, while also being great for garments worn close to the skin. Label customization options include the choice of material and ink color, font size and style, and label size. You can choose from white, black, cream, or grey private labels. In addition, hangtags attract the attention of potential customers and enhance hoodies, and we offer high quality printing of hangtags in any shape or size, with punched holes and string.

Quality Assurance

Before packing, we also pre-washed the garments to minimize shrinkage from washing and prevent any colors from bleeding, making sure that the hoodies you deliver to your customers are made with confidence. Some quality control checks and tests, such as colorfastness checks (or rub tests), size fitting tests, and burn tests (for 100% cotton garments), are also carried out, allowing you to lay a solid, good word-of-mouth foundation for your garment business.

Types Of Custom Hoodies We Can Manufacture for USA Market

Our professional production team and mature production lines enable us to manufacture most types of hoodies. If you have another type of hoodie that we haven’t mentioned that you would like to customize, our production team can also do their best to meet your needs. We mainly manufacture the following types of hoodies for USA market:

Hoodies For Men

There are plenty of styles of men’s hoodies, such as full-zip hoodies, half-zip hoodies, quarter-zip hoodies, and pullovers. Our skilled designers, patternmakers, and tailors are familiar with these men’s hoodie styles. Also, they will combine the specific men’s body shape data with their dressing habits and keep adjusting the prototype of the hoodies according to your concept and idea.

Blanket Hoodies

Blanket hoodies are soft and warm, making them a must-have for home wear in the winter. It makes it possible for people to wear a blanket at home. We stick to using quality fabrics for your custom blanket hoodies, like skin-friendly fleece.

Graphic Hoodies

Clear, smooth patterns are essential for graphic hoodies. Our advanced printing equipment supports multiple printing options such as silk screen printing, all-over sublimation printing, and digital printing. We can easily make a pattern to your satisfaction.

Polo Hoodies

Usually, polo hoodies are fairly fitted and have a mockneck. We not only use superior fabrics, but our experienced cut and sew team can always create polo hoodies with just the right patterns.

Zip-up Hoodies

Our accessory and material suppliers always provide us premium zippers, pullers, eyelets, etc., when manufacturing custom hoodies, no matter if they are full-zip or half-zip hoodies. We insist that a smooth experience is important when you pull the zipper.

Oversized Hoodies

We know that “oversized” is not just a matter of making something bigger, but that it varies from person to person. Our talented team of designers and tailors work with each other to create great oversize hoodies based on their own extensive experience and the specific situation.

Anime Hoodies

Through advanced printing technology, such as silk screen printing, all-over sublimation printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, and even direct-to-garment printing, to produce your anime hoodies to your satisfaction, bringing you lifelike anime images.

Cropped Hoodies

Cropped hoodies have the practicality of a regular hoodie, but also carry a very chic feel. Most of their length come to around the navel and are slightly longer in the back, which can show off one’s figure and overall body proportions very well. This is a great test of tailoring. However, our experienced cut and sew team is always appreciated by clients for the cropped hoodies they make.

Low MOQ & high quality hoodie manufacturer Within Reach

Customizing hoodies with a low MOQ is a great way to reduce your risks and save money and time, especially when working with a new manufacturer for the first time. At the very beginning, Bolun Apparel Custom Manufacturer also started in a small workshop and grew from the small orders from our customers. Over ten years later, handling small orders has become our strength because we know that everyone needs high quality hoodies to grow their clothing brand, no matter how large or small the order. Mastering the art of manufacturing small quantities of garments allows us to offer effective manufacturing solutions to our customers. We already have the ability in place to handle a variety of small and large orders by the agreed-upon time. You are welcome to test the quality and service level of our high quality hoodie manufacturer USA by placing a small quantity order. For more information about our low MOQ, please contact us.

custom Cartoon graphic hoodies
custom Cartoon graphic hoodies

one of best hoodie manufacturer in the industry

Located in China, we are able to offer more competitive pricing on high-quality products. It’s suggested to plan your hoodie customization in advance because factors such as special fabric, craftsmanship, and quantity can affect the production. Generally, it takes 2–4 weeks for us to produce hoodies and around a month to ship from China to Europe and the USA. Don’t let the distance and time scare you off. Though there is a waiting time, the very competitive price, proven techniques, and custom flexibility attract many clients to source from overseas. What’s more, once your design is finalized, we can even offer a sampling service to ensure you are happy with our quality before placing a bulk order. No matter if you just want to find out pricing to kick things off, or you need help with design or general advice, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

As one of the best hoodie manufacturer in China, our clientele includes new apparel businesses and startups, and brands manufacture clothing lines from the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and the Middle East. Whether it’s a logo, print, label, or anything else, we are willing to be your solid backers on your way to a successful clothing venture.

We’d love to have all our garments co-developed with our clients. Through a way like that, we hoodie manufacturer USA are able to take in feedback, listen to clients, and continue to develop, evaluate, and improve our garments and services over time, instead of going around in circles and even getting worse. We dedicate to helping our clients with every type of customization they are looking for and creating the ideal hoodie for you: one that is premium, durable, and able to withstand the test of time, allowing people to wear it season after season. Stop by Bolun Apparel Manufacturer near you to take your business to a new era of brand visibility. We hope you got some value from this article.

FAQs about custom hoodie manufacturing

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to get creative. You can send your own hoodies design or image to us. Please make sure your image is high-resolution to ensure the best printing quality.

Yes, our custom design team is happy to assist you. If you have any questions or need help finalizing your hoodies design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

No, we offer a full-color printing process, so you can use as many colors as you like in your design. However, please be aware that colors might slightly vary due to screen settings and the printing process.

Yes, we understand the importance of quality and satisfaction. You can order a sample hoodie with your custom design before placing a bulk order.

As these are custom made products, we can only accept returns or exchanges for products that are defective or not as ordered. Please review our return and exchange policy for more details.

The production of your custom hoodies typically takes 2-4 weeks. Shipping time will depend on your location. Take shipping to the United States as an example, it will take about 30-35 days.