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Private labeling for your custom apparel is like the icing on the cake. Placing your label on an existing product is a low-cost and low-risk way to easily expand your brand’s reach and enter usa market. Hence, you don’t have to spend hours on product promotion to build your desirable clothing line quickly.

premium private labeling clothing manufacturers understand what you need

As the premium private labeling clothing manufacturers for usa market, we learn to understand our customers’ needs, and moreover, our professional production staff will ensure that your brand is just how you want it. Think about it: whether it’s words of wisdom, a mission statement, or your favorite joke, through custom private labeling, it will show how much personality your custom apparel holds. Most importantly, this addition to garments helps give the product “retail-quality” or “boutique-worthy”.

Private Label Clothing Manufacturers from China Save Your Money

Clothing from China is not merely about affordability. Many Chinese apparel manufacturers also offer private label and custom cut and sew services. If you’re planning to establish your own fashion brand, partnering with top-notch private label manufacturers clothing China can maximize your profits. Whether you’re a budding fashion brand or aiming to escalate your enterprise, optimizing procurement costs without compromising quality is paramount.

As a seasoned apparel exporter, Bolun Apparel predominantly caters to clients seeking private label solutions. Thus, we offer a plethora of label styles (including, but not limited to, those previously mentioned). If it’s your maiden venture into sourcing private label clothing from China, we wholeheartedly invite you to try our low MOQ service. We’re confident you’ll be astounded by our quality and pricing. Should you have further inquiries about private label clothing, we’re always here to assist.

Private Woven Labels

Typically, they are woven into the neck tape or sewn onto a garment’s bottom hem or sleeve. Woven labels are often used to showcase a brand’s logo and indicate necessary information, such as the size of the garment and precautionary measures while ironing or washing. Bolun Apparel offers woven labels in various specifications that have a natural and sophisticated texture. Being among the top clothing private label manufacturers, We manufacture woven labels in high-definition printing inks and eco-friendly yarns to give a more elegant touch to your brand’s clothing.

Private Satin Labels

Satin labels are opulent, supple, and vintage-looking, working well with t-shirts, lingerie, and children’s clothing. Retaining their shapes, and, meanwhile, they are soft and silky in texture, having a sheen that can add elegance to your apparel. Satin labels help print tiny, detailed letters and lines; for this reason, they are also ideal as care and content labels. These labels are available in black, cream, gray, and white.

Heat Transfer Printed Labels

Also known as “tagless labels”, heat transfer labels are an alternative type of garment label. Using special inks and a design process, the image, artwork, or label information is applied directly to the fabric, resulting in “tagless” branding or labels and getting rid of traditional labels. This is the reason clothing brands producing t-shirts or bodysuits specialized for athletes and newborns prefer heat transfer labels, which can better meet their customers’ needs.

Screen Printed Labels

The ink on screen printed labels doesn’t fade with time, making this kind of label suitable for products that may experience wear. In addition, its costs are relatively low, which is a nice option for those on a budget. And it is also good for businesses that have a large production of quality screen printed labels. These labels are directly screen printed inside your garments and are superior to the industry standard heat-transfer labels due to their improved washability.

Sublimation Printed Labels

It compensates for creativity from the manufacturer’s side to get an ideal result on the apparel, which is considered an important substitute for other label printing methods. Through this, we, being one of the top private label clothing manufacturers USA, can manufacture faster and offer clients more options for creativity, making your design come to life in full, vivid color.


It is well known that customers appreciate inventive hangtags. We are skilled at manufacturing high-quality hangtags, which avoids customers being eager to throw them away because the brand message is obscured due to the poor printing on paper.

Best private label clothing manufacturers Are Right Here

These private labels provide a fast way to recognize the apparel. As one of the best private label clothing manufacturers, Bolun Apparel holds the necessary resources to ship your labels separately if need be. We are here to assist you in cutting down the overall cost and erupting as a self-reliant brand with a broader consumer base.