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The crewneck sweatshirt is a statement piece worn by men and women alike and has become a fashion necessity. As the professional crewneck sweatshirt custom manufacturer, Bolun Apparel is glad to offer you an experienced team of designers and manufacturing experts that can not only design and develop your sweatshirt ideas but also directly implement mass production.

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Manufacture A Custom Crewneck Sweatshirt With The Just Right Crewneck

We know that the design of the neckline can make or break a crewneck—is it wide enough, and does the distance between the left and right shoulders fit? You can rest assured. Our skilled cutting and sewing team can adjust the design of the sweatshirt according to your concept and idea to your satisfaction. They can always provide you with a quality crewneck that is neither too tight nor too loose, but they can also add a bit of creativity, such as a neckline trim, contrast stitching, and custom graphics. We’d love to create quality, personalized crewneck sweatshirts for you.

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How Could We Go Without Quality Fabrics To Manufacture A Great Crewneck Sweatshirt?

You are probably interested in this fabric made by us: 100% polyester sweater fleece that is anti-static and anti-pill and gives the crewneck sweatshirts a cozy feel all season long. Not only that, our factory applies advanced technology to try to combine the colorfastness of cationic dyes with cotton-feel performance. And the other fabric, 77% cotton and 23% polyester, is also a worthy choice. Our design team makes ribbed gusset side panels and a brushed inner lining for a more comfortable dressing experience. What about the 100% cotton fabric? It’s definitely available. Each kind of fabric we will check carefully before handing it to you in order to avoid unnecessary trouble like fading because we want to deliver you premium fabric. Of course, you are welcome to discuss with our design team your preferred fabric for the crewneck sweatshirts.

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As A Professional Custom Manufacturer, Private Label Services Are Available

It’s beneficial to create an impressive image in the eyes of customers by creating private labels for your own crewneck sweatshirts, and Bolun Apparel understands your needs and delivers accordingly. We can work with the ideas that drive your crewneck sweatshirt brand and provide affordable prices. You can even choose the colors, fonts, printing branding details, logo, size, and design where the labels are sewn on the crewneck sweatshirts. We introduce labeling options such as woven labels, satin labels, and hang tags, which are fully customizable in every aspect and help you reduce the overall cost and emerge as an independent brand. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the types of label options. Our production team will assist and advise you in selecting private labels to match your custom crewneck sweatshirts. We produce high quality labels to meet the needs of your private label apparel wholesaler with satisfying results. We always provide services from scratch and make sure that all the work is done under one roof. Contact us now and customize private labels for your crewneck sweatshirts.

FAQs about custom crewneck sweatshirts

You can customize your crewneck sweatshirts through the “Contact Us” option on our website. Here you can choose from a wide range of colours, designs, materials and sizes. You can also upload your own design or add personalized text.

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to get creative. You can send your own crewneck sweatshirt design or image to us. Please make sure your image is high-resolution to ensure the best printing quality.

We provide a wide range of sizes from XS to 4XL. You can refer to our size guide on the website to ensure you choose the right fit.

We aim to ensure all our customers are satisfied with their orders. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer service team within 30 days of receiving your order, and we will assist you in making it right.

Yes, our custom production process allows you to preview your custom designs on crewneck sweatshirts before placing your order. Meanwhile, our design service is free. That way, you can make any necessary modifications to make sure it looks exactly how you want it to look.

The production of your custom crewneck sweatshirt typically takes 2-4 weeks. Shipping time will depend on your location. Take shipping to the United States as an example, it will take about 30-35 days.