One of The Best Cut and Sew Manufacturers USA is Right Here

As one of the best cut and sew manufacturers USA, Bolun Apparel knows that cut and sew manufacturing are essential for producing tailored, trendy clothing, and therefore, it focuses on providing various cut and sew services such as pattern making, grading, prototyping, sample manufacturing, and much more. There is no limit to how creative we can be when providing custom apparel and services. And the skilled pattern makers and tailors here are able to handle different scales of production and devote themselves to bringing your designs to life and turning them into real finished goods and final products.

Custom Cut and Sew Manufacturers Offer You Spec Sheet

A spec sheet or a garment specification sheet is a technical diagram or a sketch of a design, including the diagram, the measurements, and the construction details. As custom cut and sew manufacturers USA, we can help create and measure a spec sheet for you.

Patternmaking from Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturers

In this process, you can see your design come to life with custom cut and sew clothing manufacturers. The first prototype enables the designer and the patternmaker to mark down any adjustments that need to be made for a perfect construction and fit, accurately translating your concepts and ideas.

Grading Service From Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturers USA

As cut and sew clothing manufacturers for usa market, grading services are available, too. If necessary, we can turn your basic size or sample size into other sizes with specialized size grading tools according to your requirements.

Sample Development

We print your design over your chosen fabric and then cut and sew different components together. Our experienced cut and sew team cuts your design straight from the fabric and brings out its full authenticity. In addition to our skilled cut and sew technique, we also strive to save your chosen fabric and make the most use of every inch, helping you reduce costs. Then, there will be a fitting on a model, allowing us to fix and trim any flaws. After finalizing your fabric and design, we will send you the sample and other related fabric, trims, accessories, etc. to usa.

Quality Assurance

We give you complete insight and control over every step of the cutting and sewing process. Strict follow-ups and quality checks will be conducted two or three times or more.

With our comprehensive expertise in cutting and sewing, we offer you clean-cut and sew manufacturing facilities. The cut and sew process is all about getting a fantastic sample, and we help you set up for a smooth, successful production run. All the way, cut and sew manufacturing service from Bolun Apparel values your needs and adheres to delivering you recognizable-looking and feeling products.