Materials And Hardware for Custom Apparel

In many cases, it’s easy to overlook the details. But the easy-to-overlook details are often the best way to tell the quality of a garment. We are willing to go the extra mile and control the quality of hardware. No need to worry about what kind of buttons and zippers to choose; we do it here with you. Bolun Apparel works with high-quality materials and hardware suppliers to ensure that we deliver you premium, durable, textured garments. A curated selection of buttons and hardware for your custom apparel!

Eyelets And Grommets

There are silver and gold grommets. The nickel grommets are rust-proof and machine-washable. Besides, using eyelets to create lace effects on garments and craft projects is a great idea.


These spring snaps in black, brass, gold, gunmetal, and silver are perfect for projects like jackets, jeans, bags, and more. They usually come in four parts and can be installed with a standard hammer and the snap setter tool. In addition, there are also magnetic snaps, heavy-duty snaps, and sew-on snaps in different colors and sizes.


Buttons made from 100% plastic look like horn buttons and are suitable for suits, shirts, dresses, skirts, pants, and coats.

Coconut buttons have four holes and a smooth, matte finish. They have a raised, painted rim with an engraved stitch pattern. The back of these buttons is flat and smooth, making them great for blouses, dresses, and more.

Enamel-faced buttons with four color choices coordinate perfectly with blouses, dresses, sweaters, etc.

The list still goes on. Vintage glass buttons, mother-of-pearl buttons, corozo buttons, leather buttons, cotton buttons, and more in lots of colors and sizes are at your disposal.

Jean Hardware

You can embellish your denims with these no-sew dungaree buttons that attach like snaps with tension, which are generally used with a buttonhole. They are ideal for dungarees, overalls, jeans, and sportswear, or can be used for a range of fabric projects.


Plastic zippers, nylon zippers, metal zippers, invisible zippers, waterproof zippers, or other custom sliders and pullers in a variety of colors and lengths are available. It is up to you for one-way zippers, two-way zippers, separating zippers, etc.

Other Materials

We make sure to consider the weight, design, and style of your garment and fabric when choosing other materials and embellishments, like ribbons, yarns, embroidery, rhinestones, beadwork, sequins, studs, brooches, trim tape, appliques, and much more. With quality embellishments, your garments can be noticed in a crowd.