Photography Service from Bolun Apparel

We understand how much you put into your products, and if you need it, we will create product shots and document the life cycle of your apparel for marketing or promotional materials. In this way, the product shots provided by Bolun Apparel will enable you to carry on running your business, saving you time and money.

Bolun Apparel Pays Attention To Small Details

Our production team knows well about your products; whether it’s the zipper on a dress or the gradually varied fabric color of a garment, the photographers won’t miss a detail. They can always grasp the uniqueness of the garments and know how to photograph them, which allows them to take a nice picture of the garments and perhaps encourage customers to make a purchase.

Present The Color Of The Garments Themselves

We utilize natural and artificial light, as well as professional photography equipment, to shoot clothing, strive for color fidelity, and avoid color differences.

Control The Shooting Angles

Our photographers grip steadily when shooting, and they know how to capture a garment from all the best angles. It is especially true for small parts that are difficult to photograph.

Styling Capabilities

Although not every garment will require styling, sometimes our photographers with strong photography and styling skills can do it for you. The apparel is highlighted and portrayed well, making your marketing and sales go more smoothly.

Meet Your Needs

Our product photographers will listen to your vision and execute it in a way that meets your needs. You can choose a flat lay, take pictures of your product on a model or body form, or do an editorial photoshoot.

No matter if you have one, tens of, or even more products, the product photographers at Bolun Apparel will try their best to make your garment photos have a consistent look. These can be achieved through the color palette, saturation or filters, composition, location, and what context or situation the product is placed in. As we said at the beginning, this complementary product photography service is designed to make it easier for you to launch your clothing brand with less time and effort.