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People’s demand for swimwear is nearly equal to that of fitness clothing, as everyone wants to show off their body after working out. Swimwear comes in dozens of styles, offering virtually limitless choices. When venturing into the swimwear business, it is crucial to choose a quality swimwear manufacturers USA that offers not only high-quality products but also customization services and professional advice. With extensive experience in swimwear production, Bolun Apparel supports you from design to packaging, providing free swimwear catalogs upon request.

Custom Swimwear Manufacturers Meet All Your Need

Consumers are tired of monotonous swimwear designs and are willing to pay more for designer or custom styles. Collaborating with custom swimwear manufacturers like Bolun Apparel, which offers free design services and regularly updates its catalog, can be a game-changer, especially for startup brands.

Design and Comfort: Two Pillars of Custom Swimwear

Custom swimwear is not just about unique designs; it is about crafting swimwear that flatters the wearer’s body, highlighting assets and concealing flaws. The fabric and cut greatly influence the comfort of swimwear. Despite being the garment with the least amount of fabric, swimwear demands the highest standards. Crafting a piece that marries design and comfort is as challenging as any other apparel. Contact us to learn more about custom swimwear manufacturers.

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Best Swimwear Manufacturers Don’t Always Charge High

Dispel the notion that the best comes with a high price tag. Find out how you can get affordable yet quality services with the best swimwear manufacturers, including options for overseas procurement, with Bolun Apparel.

Best Swimwear Manufacturers USA Offering Affordable Prices

Discover the competitive and affordable opportunities that the USA’s swimwear market offers. Learn how you can maintain quality while reducing procurement costs with the services offered by the best swimwear manufacturers for the USA market.

Distinguish Your Brand with Private Label Swimwear Manufacturers

Private labels are as essential to a brand as any other element, including the price. Bolun Apparel, a private label swimwear manufacturers, understands that a unique piece of swimwear encompasses more than just fabric and appearance. Offering a range of label options and guidance from experts, it helps you build your swimwear brand with indispensable private labels.

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Low MOQ swimwear manufacturer

Low MOQ swimwear manufacturer is your best choice

For startups and those wanting to try sample orders, Bolun Apparel’s low MOQ department is the best choice. With an MOQ of 50 pcs, it allows for more styles within the same budget, without compromising on design services, private label, and custom packaging.

FAQs About Swimwear Purchasing and Manufacturing

In the USA, the average price per unit ranges from $10 to $20. Bolun Apparel offers prices starting from $4, depending on various factors such as quantity and material.

Bolun Apparel manufactures both one-piece and two-piece styles, offering a wide variety of designs.

One-piece styles:

  • Strapless One-Piece
  • Swim Dress
  • Blouson
  • Lace-Up
  • Cutout

Two-piece styles:

  • Scoop Bikini Top
  • Triangle Bikini Top
  • Underwire Bikini Top
  • Sports bra
  • One-shoulder

Here are only some of the types of swimwear we produce. If you need to know more styles, please feel free to contact our experts.

Purchasing from overseas is as simple as local procurement but with extended shipping time. Bolun Apparel ensures smooth communication and convenient logistics to facilitate overseas purchases.

Manufacturing takes about 3-4 weeks, depending on the order quantity, while shipping to the USA takes about 25-35 days, varying with the specific port.

Contact us through the website form or online chat. Our experts will guide you through design, fabric selection, and provide detailed quotes free of charge until the order is confirmed.

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