Made For Various Events Or Occasions

Whether you are going to celebrate an upcoming corporate golf outing, track and field event, volunteering activity, mid-year party, or large-scale exhibition, we have exactly what you need to ensure your team looks great. Imagine that on many occasions, whether it is a job fair, training day, fundraiser, food truck festival, or a weekend run for the company, it can be bustling and hustling. For this reason, it is necessary to set your team apart and keep them from getting lost in the crowd by throwing on high-visibility embroidered hoodies, shirts, or customized t-shirts. When every member is wearing the same shirt or other style of garment during a competition, it is easy to spot them or your fellow competitors.

Bolun Apparel Covers More As Per Your Needs

If you’re looking for something more, apart from the smooth, clear-cut prints done by us, it is available for you to add your company logo and slogan on the garments for brand visibility. With us as your event apparel purchasing partner, you can obtain high-quality, personalized uniforms.

  • Save money. Since the garments are custom-made for events and occasions, the more you order, the more you save. It is very likely to save up to 40%. In addition, if you have a long-term supply relationship with us, you will enjoy a lot of unexpected discounts, as well as receiving new development samples or gifts from us from time to time.
  • Design. Communicate with our experienced design team and bring your creative design to life.
  • Variety. There is a vast range of different fabrics, colors, styles, patterns, etc. to choose from. You can always find something suitable for various occasions and themes.
  • Customization. It is up to you—use our huge selection of pre-made designs and slogans, or upload your own one.
  • Flexibility. You can enjoy ultimate design freedom—print on the front, back, pockets, hoods, sleeves, or other places.
  • Delivery. Once you contact us and tell us your requirements, and we communicate well between each other as well, we will arrange your order efficiently and quickly after getting your approval. You can enjoy fast shipping or standard shipping. If you need your order faster yet, our expert team will offer available rush options.

No matter whether you want to design on your own or use our creative templates, fonts, and clip art, we are here to help you create an awesome, eye-catching design for your activity or event apparel. For more information about event apparel purchasing, click here and contact our staff.