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With the prosperity of economics and business, now people’s choices of jackets are not as limited as before when necessary supplies were in shortage. And people’s demands for jackets are growing and diversifying. If you want to start up a business or expand your share in the jacket market, you will need a trustworthy manufacturer who can provide you with diverse premium, and stylish jackets. Bolun Apparel is an experienced jacket supplier and manufacturer in China, who has been in the business for many years and has customized and produced various high-quality jackets for countless individual or collective clients, which are widely praised among clients and customers.

Custom Jacket Supplier
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Jacket manufacturing in custom fabrics

There are many types of jackets, each made of different fabrics than the others, and the material of a jacket affects its style and function. Bolun Apparel has a large fabric warehouse that stocks all jacket-related fabrics, such as windproof and waterproof fabrics for puffer jackets, a series of leathers for leather jackets, and fleece fabrics for fleece jackets. At the same time, we are also very familiar with fabrics, which enables us to give expert advice on the production process of custom jacket manufacturing.

In our showroom, we provide opportunities to know further about those fabrics, such as showing various fabrics in person to let clients feel the texture of fabrics, telling the advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics, and providing suggestions on cleaning and maintaining fabrics. Please rest assured that all the fabrics we use are of qualified quality and that we will never use fake and shoddy fabrics during custom manufacture. Our products’ quality and clients’ satisfaction are what we at custom jacket manufacturers always cherish.

Types of Jackets That We Manufacture

As a category that cannot be ignored in the clothing market, jackets have many types and can fit consumers of sundry sizes and Bolun Apparel can custom manufacture assorted jackets. The following is the jackets that we mainly manufacture:

Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets, as a must-have item for fashioners, have diverse styles. Our manufacturing team is so familiar with the fabrics and manufacturing techniques that we can not only produce satisfactory bomber jackets but also give advice to our clients for better results. 

Puffer Jackets

Puffer jackets, one of the most trustworthy warriors against severe cold, play a vital role in the chilly winters. To provide qualified puffer jackets, we value the waterproof and windproof fabric of the outer layers and the warm filling of the jackets. We are a jacket supplier of only high quality puffer jackets.

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are diversified according to their leather types and their styles. We not only provide the luxurious genuine leather jackets but also faux leather jackets considering manufacture budgets for those start-up companies. 

Varsity Jackets

Varsity jackets are popular among youngsters and become increasingly trendy among all ages. our design team pays close attention to the varsity markets and produces fashionable varsity every year. If you have distinctive ideas on the patches of varsity jackets, we’d love to have an opportunity to realize them. 

Heated Jackets

High technology and warmth are the keywords for heated jackets. In addition to manufacturing the standard heated jackets, we could produce custom heated jackets according to the client’s needs for the specific heating parts or areas of the jackets. 

Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are classic yet youthful and they are perfect for all genders and all ages. Clients have multiple choices of colors and styles of denim jackets in our company and all the denim jackets are quality assured. 

Fleece Jackets 

Fleece jackets are soft, light, and warm and give people a sense of comfort and tenderness. Our design team is good at splicing design and color collision, producing various mix-and-match fleece jackets. 

Men’s Jackets

We have a full set of men’s jackets for the above-mentioned styles. Our designers and tailors have comprehensive knowledge of men’s body shape data and their preference for jackets. They can produce popular men’s jackets and give suggestions on the style of men’s jackets as well.

Women’s Jackets

More and more women enjoy jackets in their daily life and women’s jackets occupy a large area of women’s clothing. We stick to achieving innovation in women’s jackets in terms of fabrics, fits, and color palettes in order to meet the changing needs of women’s jackets. 

custom jacket manufacturers specializing in Diverse Fits

The fits of jackets have been developed so far, and they are no longer single but diverse. Bolun Apparel manufactures custom jackets in a variety of fits, which are distinguished by length, including short, medium, mid-length, and long, suitable for people of all heights. According to the width of jackets, there are tight fits, regular fits, loose fits, and plus-size fits, available for people of all weights. We have served many clients who come to customize large-size jackets and they praised our services and products and said that we are an expert in the fitted jacket manufacturing, which proves we have mastered the custom manufacturing process of each fit of the jacket, and at the same time we also understand the clothing needs of consumers for each body type very well, and can manufacture the perfect custom jacket for them.

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Excellent Custom Jackets Have Multiple Styles

Jackets were originally fit in outdoor manual labor scenes, but now jackets are very common in daily leisure life, even on some commercial occasions. Jackets are versatile thanks to their variety of styles. As one of the premium custom jacket manufacturers, various styles of jackets can be manufactured based on clients’ requirements in Bolun Apparel, whether they are casual and fashionable varsity jackets, composed and formal leather jackets, retro classic bomber jackets, or relaxed and young denim jackets. In addition to the above regular style jackets, we can also customize jackets with special styles, such as bomber jackets made of puffer fabrics, fleece jackets mixed with denim fabrics and fleece fabrics, and varsity jackets with personalized patches. In general, whatever innovative ideas you have for jackets, we can make them happen.

Premium Hardware and Delicate Accessories are Keys to jacket manufacturing

Jacket hardware and accessories, including zippers, buttons, patches, embroidery, printing, tassels, and straps, are integral parts of jackets. Hardware and accessories not only meet the functional needs of the jackets but also reflect aesthetic needs. Bolun Apparel attaches great importance to the hardware and accessories on the jackets, because we know that in addition to their functional and aesthetic functions, hardware and accessories also have social functions, namely brand promotion. We also understand that premium hardware and delicate accessories are other indicators of the quality of jackets. At Bolun Apparel, clients can customize the style and quality of hardware and accessories and we will do our best to meet all their requirements. At the same time, we can also provide one-stop hardware and accessories design and manufacture services for clients with zero experience to provide them with satisfactory jackets. 

FAQs about custom jackets

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to get creative. You can send your own zip up hoodies design or image to us. Please make sure your image is high-resolution to ensure the best printing quali

Yes, our custom design team is happy to assist you. If you have any questions or need help finalizing your cargo denim jeans design, don’t hesitate to contact us.

No, we offer a full-color printing process, so you can use as many colors as you like in your design. However, please be aware that colors might slightly vary due to screen settings and the printing process.

Yes, we understand the importance of quality and satisfaction. You can order a sample jacket with your custom design before placing a bulk order.

As these are custom made products, we can only accept returns or exchanges for products that are defective or not as ordered. Please review our return and exchange policy for more details.

The production of your custom jackets typically takes 2-4 weeks. Shipping time will depend on your location. Take shipping to the United States as an example, it will take about 30-35 days.