Custom Apparel Packaging for You

As with private labels, packaging can also be considered a marketing tool, helping ensure maximum impact for the audience and resulting in more sales and higher revenue. If you want to establish yourself in the market, selecting premium custom apparel packaging bags is a nice way to let your customers recognize your brand just by looking at them. For ideas, contact us for more details about custom clothing packaging bags. You are backed by Bolun Apparel.

Poly Packaging

Poly Packaging

We offer free basic polybag packaging as a value-added service, and you can have the garments packed per piece, in dozens, or in any other quantity you like. Furthermore, if necessary, you can choose a better quality of plastic, or make it translucent, or print your logo on any type of polybag, adding the benefit of promoting your brand. In order to make your apparel packaging bags more environmentally friendly, we introduce solutions like biodegradable bags.

Custom Fabric Bags

Fabric bags can give a premium texture to your brand, and besides, they make a bigger impact on your brand than regular plastic bags; usually, customers keep them for daily use because they can be reused multiple times and are durable and versatile. There is a certain cost involved, but it is worth it in the long run.

Custom Polymailers

Maybe you are tired of the regular black, white, and gray polymailers that the express company provides; you can try our polymailers. Custom polymailer printing is available as well, helping you to convey the connotation of your clothing brand.

Custom Paper Bags

With a touch of sophistication and elegance, you can customize some paper bags, giving your clothing brand a “boutique” flair if you want to try something different.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Sell your garments with confidence and style using custom shipping packaging and corrugated boxes. They are more suitable for the high-end, luxury clothing brands.

Being aware of the value of appearance and having the desire to follow current trends in custom clothing packaging, Bolun Apparel offers a wide range of packaging options from which to choose. Depending on you, the packaging bags can be customized in terms of design, prints, and sizes.

It looks like deciding which type of packaging is best is not easy; however, you can settle down quickly if you keep two key points—price and quantity—in mind. If you want, our team will work with you to figure out a tailored solution for your brand to help you receive the best value for your money and reflect your brand’s vision.