Custom Embroidery Manufacturers are The Best Choice

What better way to personalize your brand’s products than with custom embroidery? As a craft of decoration, embroidery has been preferred for various garments. As custom embroidery manufacturer, Bolun Apparel has an experienced digitizer and graphic experts, allowing it to deliver high-quality products at an affordable price. We have a lot to offer for your clothing lines; you can add embroidery to your custom shirts, t-shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, pants, jeans, and so on.

Regular Embroidery

It suits making company logos best. Embroidery manufacturers transform and digitize designs or patterns into computer software and stitch them onto garments. Through embroidery, custom apparel looks unique and gets stepped up a little.

3D Embroidery

It allows specialized designs to be printed onto the garment. Compared to regular embroidery, embellishments done by 3D embroidery look more real and vivid. This process involves giving the design a puff-like feel while still staying in the category of 2D, or thread. It gives depth to the design of the garment. 3D embroidery is one of the most suitable options for hoodies, sweatshirts, or other products made with fabrics such as fleece, French terry, or any other heavy fabrics. These appealing 3D designs give such an overall look that it certainly stands out in comparison to the rest, accentuating the breadth, length, and depth and making the apparel impressive and interesting.

Embroidery Patches from Experienced Embroidered Clothing Manufacturer

Think about how great adding embroidery patches to your t-shirts or jackets would look. As experienced embroidered clothing manufacturers, we make embroidery patches in any form or size with care. In order to make sure that embroidery patches will be attractive and durable, we use only selected materials and sewing techniques. Embroidery patches come in different forms: adhesive or stitched, but they serve the same purpose—to avoid discomfort from the inside of patches brings when wearing clothes. At Bolun Apparel, we apply special cuts to manufacture patches.

Premium Embroidery Companies are Right in front of You

Apparel embroidery is not an easy task, as during the process things like thread breaks, inappropriate thread tension, and irregular bobbins can happen. Before becoming one of the premium embroidery companies, our team has faced the same challenges many times, and this has given us precious experience and allowed us to bring you beautiful embroidery artworks. We are here to assist you. Contact us and learn more about our clothing manufacturers embroidery service.