For an clothing company in India and international clothing importer, it is important to be able to find a quality clothing manufacturer, especially for the garment industry. In terms of cost, product quality and on-time delivery, the standard of various apparel factories in India varies. Searching extensively on the web may waste a lot of your time and effort, but in this article, we have listed for you the best 15 high quality clothing manufacturers and suppliers in India, scroll down and follow us to check them out.

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Overview of the Indian clothing market

In the Indian region, clothing is one of its oldest industries. According to statistics, about 25% of its clothing manufacturing goes to the export market, thus showing that the producers in the Indian region have commercial ties with basically every country in the world. Thanks to the abundance of raw materials and cheap labor costs, India has become an indispensable part of the world’s clothing market.

About wholesale clothing in India

Wholesale is a mode of clothing distribution. Buying goods at a low price and selling them at a high price can ensure sufficient profit. the large number of advantages in India keeps costs further down, so many importers prefer to wholesale clothing in India . This is very important to the clothing business.By the way, if you also want to wholesale clothes in other countries, welcome to contact Bolun.

What is a reliable India clothing manufacturer?

The most important thing is on-time delivery of clothing orders of India, whether custom or wholesale, and reliability in terms of quality and workmanship. Of course, shipping time is also not to be ignored.Besides, sufficient experience in clothing manufacture is also an indispensable factor for a great India clothing factory. Surely, Bolun pays much attention to these aspects and Click on the home page for more information.

Where can I find good clothing manufacturers in India?

In addition to the top 13 India clothing manufacturers listed above, there are several online marketplaces in India that can help you, such as IndiaMART and TradeIndia. In addition, many manufacturers are active on social media, such as Tik Tok, where you can find great clothing manufacturers not only in India, but even around the world. what’s more, attending apparel trade shows or searching supplier directories on Google or seeking advice from peers can also be helpful.

Benefits of cooperating with Indian clothing manufacturers

Low costs is a big advantage due to the abundance of raw materials and labor in the India region. Thanks to the long coastline, the fast turnaround time is also a big attraction for international company. The clothing manufacturer in India is very well developed and they are able to produce and customize a wide range of garments of all types and styles according to high standards. Of course, these advantages are not only found in Indian clothing manufacturers, and Bolun will not let you down.

Two types of clothing customization in India

Full customization products

Full customization usually refers to the mode of “tailor-made” and “hand-sewn”, which is generally used for high-class suits and other clothing.

Semi-customized products

Semi-custom is a clothing manufacturers that produces the product you want according to your requirements, including fabric selections, the fabric printing, processing way, cut and sew, the packaging methods, the dyeing process, Label and so on. Bolun is glad to provide these customization services for you. Contact us for a free quote.

How to avoid risks in working with clothing manufacturers in India?

Avoiding all risks as much as possible can help your business to go farther and faster. For the first time, an India clothing manufacturers that supports low MOQ is a good choice for you, and if you find that the clothing India produced do not meet your expectations, then your loss will not be too much. Secondly it is also essential to have a backup clothing manufacturers ready. Take precautions to minimize risk and make sure you have an alternate factory ready before any risk arises.By the way, with nearly 13 years of experience in clothing manufacturing and exporting and also support low MOQ, Bolun may be a good alternate vendor choice for you.

Need more help in finding an India clothing manufacturer?

After browsing these clothing manufacturers in India and ideas and tips above, if you still have questions about clothing manufacturers in India or in other countries, you can contact us and we will be glad to help you.

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