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The jean manufacturer market has grown rapidly, and that has caused some troubles when searching for a reliable one. The pricing models of many apparel manufacturers surge. However, our simple process makes it easy to design and develop your premium waxed denim jeans, even without any prior design or manufacturing experience. Get in touch with us and learn more about various kinds of custom denim jeans.

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Ready To Assist You In The Production Of Custom Waxed Denim Jeans

We offer you a well-rounded in-house facility and carry out strict quality measures. Stretch denim woven in a right-hand twill construction, for example, is a classic and popular choice for custom waxed denim jeans. The denim fabric is dyed black on both the warp and weft for a solid black tone. Of course, you can choose the color you want to dye the denim. A paraffin wax coating is then applied to give the denim fabric a leather-like sheen, and the dye is not easy to fade, which ensures the jeans stay blacker for longer. We insist on using high-quality wax coatings and denim fabrics, and you can discuss the detailed materials of your custom waxed denim jeans with our production team. For increased comfort, our experienced fabric experts recommend denim with 2% stretch, which gives it incredible stretch recovery and makes it more durable. We always have a large selection of denim bodies, colors, washes, and treatments available, as well as full design and manufacturing services.

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Custom Woven Labels Help Show The Dedication Of Manufacturers

A woven fabric label created specifically for the waxed denim jeans is beneficial to convey its detail and value, and it is also given a professional quality. At Bolun Apparel, we use different types of looms, like broadlooms, needle looms, and double and single shuttle looms, to manufacture high-quality clothing labels. Besides, the choice of fabric for your woven labels is extremely important, as it may affect the decision you make regarding your label’s cut. Common fabrics like satin, taffeta, semi-damask, and damask are available. Not only that, you can choose the woven label styles: straight cut, mitre fold, die-cut, end-fold, and more. We aim to offer you multiple options when manufacturing your custom waxed denim jeans and are glad to give them something different.

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More Personalization And Customization When Manufacturing Waxed Denim Jeans

The waxed denim jeans look like leather pants, but at a lower price, making them friendly for vegan friends. You can look forward to the new take on custom waxed denim jeans. Whether you have experience or not, we will guide you through the process, and we are here to grow with you. We stick to giving you a more flexible design scheme, including but not limited to the main label, decorative patch, and even custom buttons if you would like. Start by selecting sample making to get a pattern, tech pack, and sample of the garment you’d like to make, or browse our other services below. Contact us if you’d like to talk; we’re here to help, and advice is always free.

FAQs about custom waxed denim jeans

We recommend washing your custom cargo denim jeans inside out in warm water. Tumble dry on low heat or let it air dry. Do not bleach or iron the design directly.

We provide a wide range of sizes from XS to 4XL. You can refer to our size guide on the website to ensure you choose the right fit.

Yes, we offer bulk order options. Please contact us directly for more information about bulk pricing and delivery times.

Absolutely! We encourage our customers to get creative. You can send your own cargo denim jeans design or image to us. Please make sure your image is high-resolution to ensure the best printing quality.

We reserve the right to refuse any design or image that contains offensive, hateful, or illegal.

The production of your custom cargo denim jeans typically takes 2-4 weeks. Shipping time will depend on your location. Take shipping to the United States as an example, it will take about 30-35 days.