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Slim-fit T-shirts are suitable for wearing close to the body and show people’s graceful figure, while oversized T-shirts run counter to body-fitting T-shirts. The inclusive oversized T-shirt is loose and baggy, which completely hides people’s body shape under the T-shirt. While rejecting the figure judgment from the masses, they also add a sense of mystery, and people wearing oversized T-shirts can move freely without being restricted by their tops. Bolun Apparel, as a custom oversized T-shirt manufacturer, has been providing a series of oversized T-shirts with trendy designs and high quality to various individual clients, dealers, and clothing brand stores for many years.

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Exquisite Tailoring is the Quality Assurance of Custom Oversized T-Shirts 

Many people think that oversized T-shirts are just one or two sizes bigger than the one you wear, so they think that making oversized T-shirts is very simple, that is, to scale up. It is not. When Bolun Apparel makes oversized T-shirts, in addition to enlarging the size of regular T-shirts, additional tailoring will be added, such as widening the shoulders, shortening the sleeve length, adjusting the bust and length of the clothes, etc., which enables us to manufacture ideal oversized T-shirts that match the body shape of your clientele. To make a perfect oversized T-shirt is inseparable from the research of outstanding pattern makers and the operation of excellent tailors. And our design and production team are skilled, creative, and responsible, and will never disappoint your trust.

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Different Fabrics Give Different Effects to Oversized T-Shirts

The most common fabric for oversize T-shirts is soft and breathable pure cotton, which is in line with the free and casual nature of oversized T-shirts. With the development of fabric-making technology, more and more fabrics are applied in making oversized T-shirts, and oversized T-shirts made of different types of fabrics have different appearances. Bolun Apparel uses soft and delicate fabrics to create drapey oversized T-shirts and uses slightly harder fabrics to make slightly tough oversized T-shirts. We also make reasonable use of the texture or pattern of the fabric itself to add different charms to regular oversized T-shirts. In the process of custom design, we will seriously communicate with clients about their requirements for oversized T-shirt fabrics, and give them suggestions at an appropriate time. In the process of manufacture, we will only use qualified fabrics, and we will never shoddy them to harm the interests of our clients.

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Decorative Pattern Customization Adds Versatility to Oversized T-Shirts

Oversized T-shirts are a kind of free and casual clothing, and decorative patterns are an essential part of them, among which printing and embroidery are the two most common. The patterns of printing and embroidery are also diverse. They can be printed on the front or behind the T-shirts. They can be a small letter print or a large area of flowers. Bolun Apparel has a design team and a production team with many years of experience. We can design distinctive printing and embroidery patterns for clients, and our production team can turn these designed printing and embroidery patterns into reality. We also welcome clients to come with the patterns they want to make, and we will do our best to meet their needs.

FAQs about custom oversized T-shirts

Yes, we have a minimum order quantity. Usually MOQ is 50pcs per size, per design.

We do offer discounts for large quantity oversized T-shirts orders. Please reach out to our customer service for detailed information on bulk order discounts.

The production of your custom oversized T-shirts typically takes 2-4 weeks. Shipping time will depend on your location. Take shipping to the United States as an example, it will take about 30-35 days.

Yes, our customization service allows you to add different designs or texts to the front, back, and even the sleeves of the oversized T-shirts.

We offer a range of materials for custom oversized T-shirts including 100% cotton, cotton-polyester blends, and performance materials. Each type of material has its own unique properties, so please contact our expert for more details.