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Most people probably think that t-shirts are usually unisex, meaning they are suitable for both men and women. But there are some distinct differences between men’s and women’s T-shirts. Women’s T-shirts have also undergone long-term development and have reached the grand occasion where hundreds of types of women’s T-shirts are in the clothing markets and every woman has at least one T-shirt in their wardrobe. Women’s T-shirts are undiminished in charm and popularity in the past years. Bolun Apparel is a professional manufacturer of customized women’s T-shirts and we know well the special requirements and characteristics of women’s T-shirts. We can produce high-quality women’s T-shirts in diverse styles for small and middle-sized companies.

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Unique Fits of Women’s T-Shirts Boost Continuous Possibilities of Customization

Women’s T-shirts come in more styles than men’s. Many women’s T-shirts have a waist design, like the navel-baring T-shirts, which can reveal the appealing waistline of women. The necklines of women’s T-shirts are also varied. Women’s T-shirts can be designed with shallower necklines, such as off-shoulder, which can expose women’s collarbone and enhance women’s charm. Bolun Apparel has been deeply involved in the field of women’s T-shirts for many years and has produced many kinds of women’s T-shirts. We deeply understand that women’s expectations of T-shirts are comfort and freedom, which are also our pursuits in T-shirt manufacture. According to the body shape characteristics of different female groups, we will manufacture women’s T-shirts that are very suitable for them, so that women from different groups can feel the beauty of women’s T-shirts.

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Various Styles of Women’s T-Shirts Make Customization Easier

The styles of women’s T-shirts have been abundant and diverse, whether it is a cool neutral style, a soft gentle style, or a casual freestyle. Bolun Apparel has been following fashion trends, creating and innovating continuously for many years. We are proficient in various styles of women’s T-shirts and have manufactured satisfactory women’s T-shirts for major distributors and agents. Before the official manufacture, we are delighted to receive information from clients about the required women’s T-shirts, such as the fit, style, color, material, etc. With the information, our design team can produce the first draft of the design as soon as possible, which is the start of the fruitful manufacturing process. During the whole process of our service, we will maintain a professional and patient service attitude to provide you with premium and beautiful women’s T-shirts.

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Patterns on Women’s T-shirts Make Custom Manufacture Distinctive

Patterns are the distinctive characters in women’s T-shirts and they can be categorized by pattern production types (printing, embroidery, patching, riveting, making holes) and pattern types (letters, comic characters, flowers, figures, and cultural symbols). Bolun Apparel, manufacturing women’s T-shirts for so many years, has gained a great deal of experience in manufacturing women’s T-shirts and we have a wonderful design team, who can turn clients’ creative and innovative ideas into reality, namely the colorful patterned women’s T-shirts. If you have any amazing thoughts on the women’s T-shirts, welcome to contact us and give us this opportunity to offer our services.